“Once Eli stepped in, we immediately felt a significant and substantial change. For 40 years, I couldn't achieve what Eli has accomplished in less than a year.”

Unleash your full business potential

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Welcome to SixKeys – The heart of business transformation.
We’re not just another business consultancy; we are THE business consultancy that's redefining the game
of business success.

And guess what? Landing on this page just brought you one step closer to yours!

Meet The Man Behind the Mission

Hey there, I'm Dr. Eli Hani. Just Eli is fine, though. You’re not here to scroll through my autobiography. You’re here because you've got a business to grow, not a book to read.

In short, I’m the brain behind SixKeys.
I’m a Serial entrepreneur, a scholar and a people lover- combined.

I Wrote the Playbook on Business Growth and I mean it literally.
My strategies aren’t just proven; they’re academically proven and  published.

I’ve blended my  academic rigor with raw, real-world business savvy to create a winning formula for business success.   
And you, my friend, are about to benefit from it

Rapidly Scale Your Business with SixKeys

Bespoke Business
Growth Solutions

Tailored, hands-on strategies for serious growth. Because one-size-fits-all is for hats, not businesses.

A Unique
Business Model

Crafted from my doctoral studies and proven in the field. This isn’t textbook theory; it’s battlefield-tested.


With a history of entrepreneurial success and a PhD in business, I’m not just talking the talk.

This Page Is About YOU

Enough about me and SixKeys. Let's talk about you. Because really, that's who this is all about.

Imagine a World Without Guesswork…
Imagine a business landscape without the endless trial and error, but a certified success system that works like a charm (well, more like a well built machine) again and again and again.
That's why SixKeys exists. To cut through the nonsense and give you a straight path to success.

You WILL develop

Enhanced Business

Massive Income

Rock Hard

SixKeys is the difference between
‘doing business at a normal pace’
Hyper Business Growth!

We’re not here to spout motivational quotes and pat you on the back.
We’re here to get results. Real, tangible, bankable results.
The kind that transforms your business from a time-consuming endeavour
into a lean, mean profit machine.

Ready to Join the Elite?

If you’re all about serious business growth and ready to play in the big leagues, SixKeys is your ticket.
Let's get started. Hit that button and join to the world of exponential business growth.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from those who’ve soared with SixKeys

“Once Eli stepped in, we immediately felt a significant and substantial change.For 40 years, I couldn't achieve what Eli has accomplished in less than a year.”

“Coping with the complexities of running our facial aesthetics clinic, which boasts a dedicated team of 15, was becoming increasingly challenging. Previous consultants had fallen short of our expectations. Then Eli stepped in, his transformative approach revitalised our management, inspired our team,and markedly increased our profitability”

“Dear Eli, No other consultant has ever brought us the level of long-term business success that you have. You've made us lifelong, die-hard fans of your work.”

Your Business Growth Awaits!

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